Why Use Adobe Lightroom?

  • What is Adobe Lightroom
  • What can it do
  • Where can I get resources for Lightroom

Adobe has developed the perfect software for image post processing and it is called Lightroom. This software is capable of retouching, editing and enhancing photos according to what you envision it. The best thing about Adobe Lightroom is it doesn’t eat up computer processing requirements like say Adobe Photoshop. The reason really is that Lightroom is only capable of non-destructive edits. It also has photo management capabilities which other post processing software in the market today lack. It is also cheaper compared to the competition. So by far, dollar for dollar, it is the best option out in the market today.


Let us breakdown some of the things that Lightroom can do. First, Lightroom has the capability to import/export presets. These presets are a valuable to tool to utilize, making batch processing easy and faster. The good thing is, there are tons of presets available online that you can download and use. One of those sites that provide that is Lightroomfanatic. These presets significantly reduce the time it takes to process a batch of images. It has also significantly improved its printing function. It has more picture packages that you can use and better output when printing a picture that you’ve recently edited. Another feature that Lightroom carries is the ability to only make virtual copies, which makes everything you do basically reversible, until you’ve exported the image that you have edited. As for workflow efficiency, if you are working on multiple images at the same time, you can do a side by side comparison easily through its interface. That way you can be much more efficient. You can also do a before and after comparison through Lightroom.

With all these amazing features, you might be thinking, “I’m sold. I’ll be using Lightroom from now on. So where can I get resources once I have it?” The answer is Lightroomfanatic. This website provides all the tools you will need to master and use Lightroom productively. You can get presets, downloads and even tutorials. Visit the website now.

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