What is the Best Digital Aerial Camera Today?

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Every day, new and better digital aerial cameras are coming out of the woodwork and leaving us wanting. More and more features and capabilities are being added that sometimes, it is hard to decide what the best digital aerial camera out there is really. That is a question that is very hard to answer and will not yield a fixed answer. That is because; there are several different types of digital aerial cameras that you can’t just put them in a single category. The best way to answer this question is to name one of each, but I’m not gonna do that because it will take a long time to cover all the bases. Instead, we’ll talk about some of the most sought after digital aerial cameras in the market.


For drone cameras, the DJ Phantom is the best in the field. This camera is a bit pricey but it shows in the quality. With fast lens and full frame sensor, this camera is a beast in terms of picture quality. The demand for this camera is so high that the manufacturers can’t keep up. It is often out of stock, and when they re release it, it seldom never gets sold out in a couple of days. For DSLR cameras, the Canon EOS 5DS takes center stage. It has incredible resolution and when paired with the best lenses in the market, it produces the most stunning digital images. Plus, it’s not that expensive too! For travel cameras, Panasonic TZ70/ZS50 is the king of the hill. Panasonic practically invented the travel camera so it makes sense that this is the best in the market today. It can basically do anything, as far as travel cameras go.

For a more in depth review of these cameras and others, you can visit Sleeklens’ website. The best digital camera reviews are being posted there and are more or less accurate and honest. When I did my research, it proved to be a valuable resource.

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